Rreporter video production in Rome was founded back in 1993. Dop Gioacchino Castiglione  knew that with the right technology and the best people, he could cut costs and continue to produce the high-quality, aesthetic content he was known for.

It was out of this idea that Rreporter was born, and it quickly expanded to include international clientes. At Rreporter, we believe that it’s the people that make or break a production. Each and every talented cameraman or location manager comes complete with an enthusiastic smile. We understand how things work over here, and we’re chock full of helpful suggestions and advice if you need it.

We provide English, German, French and Italian speaking crews in Italy.

Gioacchino Castiglione

Has worked as DP from 1983 for major international broadcasters and production companies, realising documentaries, from news to history, also features and tourism.

He gained experience working on breaking news in war zones (Kosovo, Bosnia, Middle East and Africa) and following natural disasters worldwide.
As DP he has also made films and shorts with italian film productions, which have been nominated at both the Cannes and Venice film festivals. He has also been nominated and won awards at CPB New York Festival and Quantas Media Awards New Zeland.
His main passion remains with documentaries, devoting himself with huge enthusiasm also as a director and collaborating successfully with the major international broadcasters during his twenty five-year career.

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Dario Canciello

Has worked as staff producer/reporter for WTN (Worldwide Television News) based in Rome from 1993 to 1999. Covered all major events, breaking news and featuresin Italy, the Vatican and the Balkans (Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia).

Also produced entertainment, sport, fashion and general interest programmes.
From the end of 1998 has worked as location manager, producer, fixer and researcher for a huge variety of documentary and news programmes for all major international broadcasters.

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