Rreporter inc is an Italian video production company based in Rome but we travel and operate worldwide.

If you are in need of reliable, affordable, high quality production services in Rome and throughout Italy you are in the right spot . We offer  Our clients a full range of services to make their shoot both successful and stress-free. Whether you need a skilled camera crew in Italy for a day or a comprehensive crew for a  documentary shoot, we have  you covered.

At Rreporter, we know production, and we know Rome. You can rest assured that with our experienced team of bilingual English and Italian producers, you’re in very good hands.
Gioacchino Castiglione is the founder, working as a lighting cameraman / director for the last 25 years for documentaries, corporate videos and news.

Dario Canciello works as a producer / fixer for the last 20 years in both news and documentaries.

Rreporter’s crews in Rome and throughout Italy include the best lighting cameramen, sound technicians, grips, gaffers, fixers, field producers, location managers, production assistants, drivers, make-up artists, casting directors .


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00167 Roma - Italy
tel/fax +39 06 6628437


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